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▶ EDEC Environmental Services was established by a group of experts who have more than 20 years of experience in the field of environmental management and quality. Since its inception, it has been providing technical assistance and consultation for a wide spectrum of clients .
▶ EDEC Environmental Services is a consulting firm fully acquainted with national, regional and international environmental laws, regulations, and guidelines that aim to conserve and develop the environment and its natural resources. EDEC Environmental Services is committed to providing the best and safest environmental solutions .

To be leader in the environmental field and strives to shape the sustainable society and economy in the region. Our work is geared towards achieving a clean and green environment.


To provide integrated environmental solutions and services that satisfy our client’s needs. To engage and develop our team to be equipped by the latest technologies that allow for sustainable development, and applying the best available techniques (BAT) and best environmental practices (BEP).


▶ Excellence is an underlying condition for all of our
services throughout the processes of problem
identification and solution development
▶ We place great emphasis on the quality and personal
commitment of all of our members
▶ Our approach not only offers solutions for problems, it
also ensures that those solutions can be applied,
implemented, and maintained by our clients.

▶ The cooperation with our clients is not only to provide
the best services, it also acts as an opportunity for us
to exchange experience and grow.
▶ We have the team and experience that enable us to
form rational alternatives for each task we are
▶ Services are provided in a manner that is competent,
courteous, and responsive.
▶ Resources are managed effectively and efficiently to
deliver value for our client.
▶ Building trust with others, by making the difference to
deliver effective outcomes. And the safest
environmental solutions.


▶ EDEC provides environmental and energy consulting services; we offer these
services to our clients not only for pollution control, but also for resource
preservation through cleaner production and adequate mitigation measures in
design, operation, and proper management manners.
▶ We provide development of Environmental Policies and Guidelines, in addition to
increasing capacity building for our clients.
▶ EDEC has acquired substantial experience in different scopes of environmental
protection and energy conservation, and it has the experience to provide technical
assistance In all of the environmental fields

Our Team

EDEC  consists of a team of professionals with extensive experience in the field of the environment. Our scientific background and practical experience enable us to provide a wide range of environmental services in different industries.

EDEC has access to a pool of national and international specialists and experts in different fields including, but not limited to, environmental audits, biodiversity, coastal and natural zone studies, environmental measurements, and mathematical modeling (air, water, soil, and noise), solid and hazardous waste management, environmental impact assessment studies for industrial, petroleum, medical facilities, and power stations, in addition to environmental awareness and training.
According to the needs and requirements of each project we assign, a special team is responsible for conducting all project activities highlighted in the contract including field visits and environmental measurements.
The project team records all the observations and compares the measurements to the applied and approved limits in compliance with the country’s laws and regulations.

EDEC also guarantees the submission of all reports and the completion of all project requirements within the agreed-upon contractual time frame.



▶ Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA Form B)
▶ Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA Scoped B)
▶ Environmental Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)
▶ Environmental Report for Industrial Development Authority with preparing the documents for Factory establishment licenses
▶ Quality Risk Assessment (QRA)
▶ Performance Report
▶ Environmental Baseline Studies
▶ Environmental Monitoring Plan
▶ Environmental Registers
▶ Technical Reports
▶ Safety Reports
▶ Environmental Reports
▶ Waste Management Plan
▶ Due Diligence Study
▶ Physical and Chemical Water Analysis Parameters (Waste water, Saline, Industrial).


▶ Ambient Active Air
▶ Ambient Passive Air
▶ Work Enviroment (Air)
▶ Ambient Noise
▶ Occupational Noise Level
▶ Heat Stress
▶ Stack Emissions ( Gases & Dust )

Solid Waste Management

▶ Nonhazardous Solid Waste transportation through all of country.
▶ Hazardous Solid Waste transportation through all of country
▶ Nonhazardous Liquid Waste transportation through all of country
▶ Hazardous Liquid Waste transportation through all of country.

Air pollutant testing devices

Stack gas analyzer - Lux Meter - Air Velocity - Dust meter - Heat Stress Meter - Isokinetic Sampler - Noise meter



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